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54, still read MAD mag; still aspiring to be "one of the usual gang of idiots." Working in medical field for 30+ years. Also worked in news 5 years. Due to always needing 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet, I have about 237 years of work experience in other fields. I also work at a seafood restaurant and love it and this is my favorite job so far. I was a pre-med student in college; had to quit in senior year when I got sick; too old now, but no regrets about the education. I love ancient history, animals, cooking, and humor. James Thurber is a favorite writer. I cartoon, write, sew, do good art work that actually is framed and hanging on walls, and study genealogy. Never married, no kids. I cannot bring myself to play the games necessary to get married. I have not yet grown up myself and it just seems unfair to inflict that kind of parent on a child, so I chose not to have children, and now it is too late, anyway. I like children; I want the best for each and every one of them; but these days I get tired just looking at them.

Getting serious now...the most important thing in life is how we treat each other. Possessions and money mean little when storms, floods, war, illness, and violence can rob us in a moment of everything we knew and loved. Everything we had can be gone. Life is uncertain. The best thing any of us can do in life is develop good character that includes maintaining good relationships with family and neighbors and resourcefulness in solving problems without hurting others. Psychological and social hygiene are almost as important as physical hygiene. We can practice good thinking habits as well as we can wash our hands. We can practice courtesy and respectful behavior to people we don't even like or agree with. We have the choice to talk about things and persuade instead of beating, maiming and killing to make a point. We have a choice to be good to each other. Most of anything I contribute in this forum will stem from these personal beliefs.

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